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Changing the World One Student at a Time… is a campaign to raise awareness about the essential role that teachers play every day--helping students to succeed.

The campaign is made up of 7 videos that will be released to the public on a regular basis between now and January at youtube.com/pourchangerlemonde.

These videos, which were filmed in several schools throughout Quebec, will allow people to hear teachers talk about their work and see how they interact with students on a day-to-day basis.
As the camera follows their daily lives, it shows parents, principals and students talking about the positive impact of educators in their community.

The FPPE(CSQ) hopes that the Education Minister, her associates, and all of Quebec’s school board administrators will take the time to watch these videos in order to better understand the needs of tens of thousands of students in Quebec.

The videos are also directed at parents, many of whom are not aware of all the services provided by teachers--services to which their children are entitled.

Lena Céline Moïse

Léna Céline Moïse is a psychologist at École St. Raphael in Montreal. Every day she works with children who, like Austin, have behavioural problems, are bullied, or have learning disabilities.

Sadly, many students do not have access to a psychologist like Léna, in part because it is hard for schools to attract and retain psychologists.

To view the video you need Quicktime. If you have difficulties to download Quicktime you can view it on Youtube.

Sylvie Piché, Guidance Conselor

Meet Sylvie Piché, a guidance counsellor for the Central Quebec School Board. Every day, she helps teenagers ask themselves questions and find their way.

Learn how the intervention of guidance counsellors can encourage students to remain in school by helping them find a goal to strive for.

To view the video you need Quicktime. If you have difficulties to download Quicktime you can view it on Youtube.

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